It is really important to do thorough research on the destination you are traveling to. Many things come as handy.

We have categorized those into two aspects:

  • Informative
  • Materialistic


  • Culture

You should definitely need to have a rough idea of the place prior to the actual visit. There is a lot of information is available on various sites. We usually prefer reading reviews and tips from Trip advisor as they have plenty of articles. Try to know about the traditions, festivals, and important days of the year. Especially if you are traveling during those times, it would be helpful. Also, try to learn some words in their local language as this would appeal to the locals in seeking help if you need any. Also, this helps in choosing the right outfits and accessories that wouldn’t make you look awful in front of the people there.

  • Experiences

It would be even better if you can get in touch with someone from your known circle who have actually visited your destination before. Collect as much information from them regarding the places, famous things to try out, not to miss places, Eatery joints, and takeaways. And you must not forget to read about the Scams or negative experiences that others have faced. Well, why take risks?

  • Dos n Don’ts

Some countries don’t allow exposing outfits and PDA. Also, there are strict rules that are to be followed by tourists. If you know about the Dos and Don’ts beforehand, you can escape from embarrassment or even from punishments.

  • Hidden gems

There comes the real deal. If you are someone who likes to explore the not so explored places within your destination, don’t forget to do thorough research on this particular topic. Make a plan to reach there from your main destination.


  • Currency

Every country has its own currency. You have to get that once the plan is set. Prior to that, fix your budget and get an idea around currency rates online. It’s always better to get the currency loaded in a For-ex card or Travel credit cards.  Seek the help of banks rather than foreign exchange at the airports and at the time of travel as exchange rates would be high. Apart from the currency of the country you are traveling, it is always good to have some amount in USD as well. It is because many places accept payments in USD. Don’t forget to keep some cash in your wallet for immediate transactions like shopping and food as well.

  • Fashion

By fashion, it not only means the outfit you are wearing but also your total look/appearance that matches the place of your visit. There are lots of reference pictures and look-books available on various social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. It is also important that you need to dress according to the culture, traditions, and rules of the destination. This helps in saving you from embarrassments and even punishments. It will be definitely useful if you refer to those prior to packing.

  • Accessories

This is everything other than your outfits which include Jewelry, Footwear, Cosmetics, and other handy items. It completely depends upon the nature of your stay, climate, look, etc.

For example, if you are traveling to a place where it’s most likely to rain, carry an Umbrella. For beach vacations, carry a Hat, sunscreen, for snowy mountains, carry a jacket and boots.

Covering these areas will not be possible just in time of travel as you might be occupied with several other things.

  • Tech Gadgets

Needless to any explanations, literally everyone carries their Technical gadgets like Laptops, Mobiles, Cameras, and Drones. Don’t forget the related items such as chargers, memory storages. And you must not forget to Also it keep a universal adapter in order to plug in your electronic devices despite country-specific plugin types.

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