Booking the right accommodation for your travel is important and exciting at the same time.

If you ask why you need to book your stay much prior to the travel, there is a reason I would say. It is because of numerous things that can affect the availability of rooms. Like Festivals, Peak season, Local holidays, Business conferences. This can affect many hotels/stays which have the facilities you are looking for. You might even end up paying way too much money by just taking whatever is available at the last moment.

We have often heard people having different opinions on choosing accommodation. One side is of the opinion that stays are just for passing the night after busy and tiring sightseeing. Whereas for some, it is an important part of their travel as they want to spend an equally important time there.

We personally love both. But it majorly depends upon the nature of the trip and the budget.

To be more specific, if the travel is for celebrating any special day and the location in Paris, we would like to spend it in such a place enjoying the view of Magical Eiffel from our window pane. If it’s an economical vacation in Singapore, we would prefer capsule hotels for the same. Or even combine both. Celebrate the special day in a luxury resort and spend the rest of the nights in an Airbnb residence or hostel balancing the budget.

Steps on booking an accommodation

  • Prior to the actual booking, we would always check these two sites to compare the deals of different hotels:
  • Once a satisfying deal is found, go to Tripadvisor to get honest reviews of the particular stay you have chosen from fellow travelers. If it satisfies your needs, go ahead; strike the deal, and book the stay without any delay.

Types of stay

  • Luxury/Budget hotels, resorts: Surprisingly our favorite site for these criteria is
  • Stay with host: If you are traveling to the countryside or those places where there are no hotels/resorts available, you can look Airbnb

It is a widely used site by travelers which also helps you to know the culture as you are staying with a Resident/Host.

  • Hostel stays– Best for backpackers, solo travelers, and those who like to stay in hostels, Hostel world is the best choice.

Well, choosing the right accommodation make a big difference in your whole journey.