One cannot live well, think well, sleep well, love well if one has not dined well.

Food – You may think I (Nithish) shouldn’t be the one writing this section. But gender doesn’t have anything to do with cooking or food right? Probably the first common thing we discovered about each other is our love for different types of food. Since the initial days of our wedding, we loved the idea of restaurant hopping and trying out different types of food. Be it street food or fine dining, we loved it all.

It was mostly during Saturdays that we get our “US time” amidst the work. No matter what, good food has always brought a smile at the end. We believe it must be pretty much the same for everyone out there too. Agree?

Now if you ask about the cooking part, then No! Not until Corona!

A realization hit us during the lockdown. That it is not always about going out and dining. One can even try it all out in their kitchen itself with the recipes available at fingertips. No matter how many attempts you need to take, you will definitely win at the end. And it is food which will never disappoint your soul.

Food is essential for life, so make it good.

Apz finally got the courage to start cooking and she had only one condition. That I need to be there in the kitchen to keep her company and we discovered that cooking together is fun. You will get to know many things. Right from learning the names of spices, utensils, hacks, cuisines and the list goes on. Of course, mistakes are bound to happen. Yet its all worth the effort. From the initial utter failures to the confidence to try out anything, we have come a long way.

We strongly believe that cooking is not a Woman’s job that comes with her skills package. Everyone should know the basics and the choices they make in eating habits. Also, there is absolutely no harm in satisfying your cravings once in a while. It is just that you should keep a note of what you eat.

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  1. This is so beautiful ❤️😍🤝

    1. Thank You so much <3

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